Interior Design

Home Interior Design Ideas for 2016

Most of us are extremely careful and choosy when it comes to designing our living space. Our home design gives an idea of the lifestyle we lead as well as our tastes. For creating an impression, a big or spacious house is not a must have. However, the decoration must speak exclusively about your cultural taste and develop a relation between the interior design and the inhabitants.

If you are staying in a house or a cottage, then design your entrance properly as it is the first thing your guests will notice. You can decorate them with beautiful fragrant flowers and potted plants. These plants help in distributing the oxygen, thus providing smooth air passage and a beautiful ambience. Additionally you can also hang a decorated wall mirror or a wind-chime to add an artistic feel.

Summer is round the corner, so the latest trend in decorating your home involves using light colors like blue, pink, white and light pastel shades for wall paints, curtains and bed spreads as they reflect the harsh sunrays and keep our rooms cool. Floral prints are also a hot favorite in this season. These things keep a check on the soaring temperature. The best way to keep away the heat is to paint the ceiling white in color.

For autumn and spring season, choose vibrant colors of seasonal flowers like yellow, purple and white for cushion covers and curtains and earthy colors like brass for furniture pieces. Suede and wood are two of the most important materials which are expected to dominate the home designing trend in the year 2016. Environment friendly materials, handmade, embroidered and knitted products are also major trends for this year. It provides a natural feel to your house than the expensive market products.

The best way to design your home in festive seasons is to drape the walls and curtains with bright festive colors like yellow, orange, red and golden and placing lamps and candles throughout the room to create a bright and colorful ambience. With the growing dynamic trend, stripes are about to dominate the home décor this year as a symbol of vibrant energy and living.

Interior Design – Home Decoration

Most of us dream of having a home, built and designed as per our requirements. This is where interior designing steps in. It is the latest trend in the society which is constantly evolving. It not only is an art form but also involves extensive research work to acquire a designer’s understanding on how people are influenced daily by their ambience. It is the job of an interior designer to convert that understanding into a successful home decoration.

Interior designing is basically the art of beautifying the interiors of our home by converting an indoor space into a living area. It is a multi-dimensional profession which involves lots of conceptual planning and successful execution of the ideas. It emphasizes on systematic planning, functional designing and effective use of living space keeping in mind the technical requirements of the surrounding area.

If you are looking for a house which is unique in design, trendy as well as comfortable to live in, you should opt for residential interior designing. Designing your residence is not an easy job as most of us tend to be perfectionists, when it comes to our living space. The foremost job is to look for the most suitable designing firm available and fix a meeting. Then you can explain to them how you wish to design your home; tell them about our wishes and requirements. It is the duty of the professionals to act as per your instructions and decorate and design your home. However, many a times what you imagine in your head might not be practically feasible to be implemented the way you want. The professionals should be able to point that out and find a more practical approach towards your requirements. That is where their practical knowledge should come of use.

Often, for any house party or gathering, you can change the look of your house for the day on your own without taking professional help. It can be done by simply re-arranging the existing furniture, packing away un-necessary things, organizing the sofa and bedcovers, changing the curtains and pillow covers and occasionally adding new furniture like a wall mirror or a painting. By this way, you can effectively give a new look to your house in an inexpensive way.