Crocodile skin flooring design

While you decide to go for home interior designing or renovation of the home, one of the untreated things or the “last on the list” option is flooring. One thing that people do not understand is that flooring, if not left untreated while renovation can be one of the most attractive features of your home. Infact, many people also believe that by merely changing the flooring of the home, they can create the special designing effect in the home. With the changing times, all sorts of contemporary designs are coming up; even in flooring and one of these include Crocodile skin flooring design.


Crocodile skin flooring design is origination of an Italian floor design company called Quatrolegno. This kind of flooring gains inspiration from the real crocodile skin, i.e., flooring that looks like the skin of crocodile. Such kind of flooring can add special appeal to your home and it’s leather-like or wooden-pieces like effect can be very attractive. Usually, 800mm x 800mm wooden pieces are scattered or spread on your home floor. After this has been laid, it can bring out an exceptionally elegant and contemporary style to your home décor.

No doubt, using Crocodile skin flooring design can be the main attraction of your home and its elegant finishing can completely get the eyes magnetized on the flooring of your home. Crocodile skin flooring design can be expensive but will bring out a wonderful effect in your home, if you do not wish to spend a lot of money on this kind of flooring; you can create one special room with Crocodile skin flooring design. This single room can be used for various purposes and can turn out to be one single wonderful and fantabulous room in your home!