Victorian Furniture Home Design Ideas

If you are looking for antique Victorian furniture ideas, modern Victorian furniture or Victorian furniture for just your bedroom, you have come to the right place. Today, we will take a look at inventive methods (that don’t go heavy on your pockets) to add a pinch of nostalgia to your homes, from the old 1850s Victorian days.

Mix Some Modern Styles into Your Victorian Furniture

Some prefer to call this look diverse, but we call it a refined mixture – Modern Victorian furniture. Most people who own an old Victorian home want to add a contemporary touch to their living and those who do not own one, long for the bygone Victorian touch, as it is hard to come by.

Here is some modern Victorian inspiration for your bedroom:

  • Paint your old armoire a lustrous and bold black or a crunchy white (Just the thought of this gives us antique lovers the shudders)
  • Remodel you’re the old Victorian dining table by simply refurnishing the chair cushions with modern tints.
  • Upholster your modern sofa fabric with a Victorian style fabric like floral, tapestry or damask. Or do the opposite with a Victoria style sofa with some modern tangy fabric.
  • Pair up an old wooden table with chic and clear style chairs like proper steel or clear acrylic.
  • Add carved wooden pieces anywhere you can – just don’t overdo it. Do just think about the furniture, trying meshing mirror frames or lamps or even picture frames.
  • Don’t opt for extremely cheap furniture, even if you want to give your home a Victorian look. You can mix and match the interiors with chic and stylish modern furniture designs.
  • Augment your living room with a fireplace mantle. You can get those old wooden designs at flea markets at very affordable prices.
  • Recover old architecture and reuse it in your home. We are talking about old windows, doors, trims, curtains anything that can give the olden (golden) touch to your home – an antique Victorian furniture style.
  • Add marble to your interior elements. Whether it is a marble topped center table or a marble carved statue, adding this element will give your home an ideally rich feel and promote the high-quality aesthetics that remind your guests of the Victorian era.
  • If you have a modern home and a (very) open floor plan, consider painting discrete single tinted walls with accent to add a Victorian vibe to your contemporary den.
  • If you are lucky enough to own a Victorian home, then paint the small rooms with vibrant hues, all different from each other.
  • Add the romantic touch of the Victorian times with fresh flowers and floral fabrics in pillows. Even a simple change like a adding some floral printed pillows to your modern chairs can add a vintage look.

We hope you like our for Victorian Furniture Home Design ideas. If you have your own, do let us know through the comments section below.